Surrey Hills Butchers

Traditional Butchery - Modern Twists

Traditional Butchery - Modern Twists

At Surrey Hills Butchers we pride ourselves on selecting the best quality meats possible by applying our years of experience in the trade and by working with like-minded local farmers and suppliers.

We always try to use as much local produce as we can, and we are very lucky to have some great farmers around us in the Surrey Hills area. It is always a pleasure dealing with farmers and their families as well as market men. We mix with the sort of people who care about their livestock; from field to plate starts very much with the farmer. Every step of our food’s journey is important, from how the animal is fed to how it is slaughtered. Not to mention how it is then butchered and cooked!

SHB stands for Service, Honesty and Bespoke Quality and these are our key company values that we stand for. We will always strive to provide the best possible service to our customers and ensure that you’re experience with us is one to remember.

We specialise in dry aged beef and use specialist dry aging units which you will see behind the counter at Seasons Farm Shop – these are used to mature our beef for 4-5 weeks to bring out the best possible flavours. After 21 days the beef has reached its full tenderness potential, however we leave it in there for another couple of weeks for it to establish its infamous intense flavour.